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Are you a business?

You can recycle, too! Many of our members are students and non-profit agency members: your unwanted supplies, office equipment, and leftovers will be put to good use, by good people.

Serving The Boulder Valley
Since October, 2003

The concept is simple: you have something you no longer need (a couch, a computer, a CD) and you wish to "recycle" it for NO MONEY IN RETURN. Recycle Boulder Valley is the place you can declutter your life by posting notices about items you'd like to give away.

The only requirement is that the transfer of an item must be FREE.

Post a notice on our message board about your item and wait for the responses to fill your Inbox, then pick the lucky recipient and arrange a convenient pick-up time/location directly with the person you selected. That's it! You'll REDUCE your clutter, give an item for REUSE, and you'll RECYCLE something that still has some life left in it, rather than dumping it into the landfill. The next step: start over with the next item from that cluttered closet or garage, and follow the same steps.

Many members have written to tell us how much they like the site and the concept of "gifting" material items to other families within the community. We have listened to you, and have created a Spread the Word flyer for you to print out on your computer and hang in your favorite coffee shop, teacher's lounge, supermarket, church, or business. This site was built by word-of-mouth, not paid advertising. Keep it real, keep it in the community, tell your friends. Spread the Word.

Recycle Boulder Valley has a sister site, Recycle Boulder Valley Cafe, that is set up to accommodate all other conversation. People have posted job offers, helped needy families, helped each other, and found great information! Please take a minute to join that site, as the more discussion is generated, the livelier the conversation!

The moderators are always glad to hear constructive critiques, so feel free to write to say "howdy" or offer ways in which this site can be better... and as always, clean out those basements, garages, closets, and keep the cycle spinning!

Remember: one person's trash is another's treasure.

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